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Argyle has a unique story to tell in the Willamette Valley. Delve deeper with our new elevated experiences – Legacy Tastings and our Masters of Sparkling Class. These intimate group experiences are hosted by an expert in the Argyle Library.

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The Argyle Legacy Tastings

The Argyle Legacy Tasting considers Argyle’s founding intent to create wines that endure. We embrace the variation that the climate in the Willamette Valley provides each vintage. On display during the Argyle Legacy Tastings is our knack for maintaining our respective styles as our secret to longevity.

Legacy Tastings includes a tour of our Tasting House and a discussion of Argyle’s unique history and winemaking process. No Argyle Tasting is complete without a carefully selected Sparkling Wine to begin and end each visit.

The Nuthouse Retrospective

  • Vertical tasting of multiple vintages of Argyle’s most iconic Pinot Noir
  • $60 per person (Club members $51.00)

The Spirithouse Retrospective

  • Vertical tasting of Argyle’s rarest and most elegant Pinot Noir
  • $75 per person (Club members $63.75)

A Tale of Two Houses

  • A head to head vertical tasting of Argyle’s two vaunted House wines. This tasting is a stunning sampling of consistent high quality and style, playing out over a number of select vintages.
  • $95 per person (Club members $80.75)

Masters of Sparkling Class

This tasting is a look behind the curtain that few people ever get to see or experience. The Masters of Sparkling Class includes a tour of our Tasting House and Tirage Library, a discussion of the sparkling winemaking process and a Sparkling Wine tasting that only Argyle can provide. It also features a dosage trial tasting that considers the final act in making world class Sparkling Wine – a nuanced step in the process that requires intuition and precision. We share some perspective on the dosage’s role and long term aging of Sparkling Wines.

The Masters of Sparkling Class

  • A tour of Argyle’s Tirage Library and discussion of Argyle’s Sparkling history and Sparkling winemaking process
  • Hand-disgorgement of Argyle Vintage Brut
  • 3-Tier Dosage Trial Tasting
  • Tasting of Argyle’s prestige range of Sparkling Wines
  • $100 per person (Club members $85.00)