Better Wines at Better Prices Due to a Global Glut

Forbes, 14 June 2021

Here, then, are some wines coming in right now that offer excellent quality at moderate prices.

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Break Out The Rosé!

Capital Gazette and Maryland Gazette, 9 June 2021

Long gone are the days we saved our rosés for summer. Today, we drink them year-round because we’ve discovered that these pink elixirs are among the most versatile food wines — and even on a cold day they make us think of summer. But here we are with upon us and the outdoors beckoning. Let’s break out the rosé!

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West Coast Chardonnay for warm weather meals

Colorado Springs Gazette, 2 June 2021

It’s no wonder chardonnay is the most popular white wine in America. And here are several examples why

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Pop Stars: Chart-topping bubblies from across the globe add sparkle to any occasion

Wine Spectator, June 2021

High quality sparklers are produced in wine regions around the world, and wine lovers everywhere enjoy them in a range of settings: by the glass at restaurants, in the kitchen with family, on the lawn at picnics—and yes, for toasts at weddings and holidays.

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Standout Rieslings From The Willamette Valley

Forbes, 30 April 2021

Ranging from bone-dry and stony to sweet and floral — crisp sparklers to lush dessert wines — sample these Rieslings from Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley to taste the full range of this dynamic grape.

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Forget Champagne: 11 Superb New Sparkling Wines from Oregon—Yes, Oregon—to Toast Your Valentine

Robb Report, 8 February 2021

“Here’s a downright elegant bottle from Oregon’s pioneering sparkling wine house”

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30 Wonderful Winter Sparklers

Honest Cooking, February 2021

The Holidays are long over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking sparkling wine. In fact, dark and cold winter nights can sure use a little help from a bubble or two.

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11 Outstanding Oregon Pinot Noirs

Wine Spectator, 25 January 2021

With many new winemakers and Pinot Noir projects, exciting things are happening in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

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Pop Culture: U.S. sparkling wine houses offer delicious bubblies for the holidays

Wine Spectator, 31 December 2020

Celebration has been a tough sell in 2020, but America’s sparkling wine producers are thinking positive in the final months of the year, always the peak season for bubbly.

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Wine of the Week: 2016 Argyle Brut

Napa Valley Register, 5 November 2020

“Winemaker Nate Klostermann is a superb craftsman when it comes to wines of this sort.”

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