December 11, 2020

Oregon wine gift guide for 2020

Oregonian Logoby Michael Alberty

“Fans of the grape aren’t exactly known for resisting instant gratification. They have a reputation for snapping up coveted wines on sight. This list is designed to help you find bottles and adventures that will please even the most experienced wine fanatic in your life.

‘Ojo Brilloso’ Gift Set from Argyle Winery
The ‘ojo brilloso’ or ‘nice observations’ made by Argyle’s vineyard teams are integral to the success of their wines. This three-bottle set of pinot noir honors their contributions. Each bottle is made with fruit from an individual block selected by one of Argyle’s estate vineyard supervisors. The bottles come in a custom gift box that sells at the winery for $135. Contributions from Ojo Brilloso sales will be made to ¡Salud!, AHIVOY and The Roots Fund.

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