April 14, 2020

Our Favorite Spring Sparkers

Honest Cooking Logoby Kalle Bergman

Now more than ever, we need to celebrate the small victories in our every day! Like that you were able to finish a Zoom meeting without your kid walking in on you, that you were able to grab the last roll of toilet paper in the grocery store today, or that you were able to work a full hour without having to check the latest news on CNN. Celebration time, and what better to celebrate with than a glass (we mean bottle) of bubbly?

Here’s a rundown of all the sparklers we will be drinking this spring. If they last us that long…

2015 Argyle Brut Rosé
The 2015 Argyle Brut Rosé sparkling wine vintage in the Willamette Valley was exemplary, showcasing the alluring depth and clarity the region has to offer. Narrowing down and focusing in on the windy, high elevations of the Eola-Amity Hills, and specifically Spirit Hill Vineyard, this year’s Brut Rosé aligns rose petal, peach skin, and cracked fennel with energetic mineral length and creamy texture.

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