April 30, 2021

Standout Rieslings From The Willamette Valley

Forbes Logoby Elizabeth Brownfield

“Most wine drinkers associate Riesling with Germany, Austria, and the Alsace — and often, with sweetness. These impressions aren’t unfounded: the Riesling grape is native to Germany’s Rhine Valley, and even today, Germany and its neighboring countries lead the world in production of this variety. It’s also true that traditionally, many Rieslings are at the sweeter end of the spectrum. But the aromatic, high-acid Riesling grape is far more versatile than these two generalizations would lead you to believe.

Several decades ago, many of Oregon’s early vintners planted Riesling along with their Pinot Noir, and it thrived in the cool climate of the Willamette Valley. And while the quantity of Riesling planted in the state is still small in comparison to the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris varieties for which it’s best known, the quality and diversity of these world-class Rieslings has garnered global acclaim. Ranging from bone-dry and stony to sweet and floral — crisp sparklers to lush dessert wines — sample these Rieslings from Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley to taste the full range of this dynamic grape.

2019 Argyle Nuthouse Riesling

Founded in 1987, Oregon sparkling wine icon Argyle boasts an estate program that spans over 400 acres and three different Willamette Valley AVAs. Their fresh, energetic Nuthouse Riesling comes from the Lone Star Vineyard, in the Eola-Amity Hills.

Direct-pressed and aged in 80% stainless steel and 20% neutral wood barrels, with flavors and aromas of white flowers, crisp green apples, kumquats, and lemon curd.”

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