Lone Star Vineyard

Eola-Amity Hills AVA | 113 Acres Planted | Founded in 1996 | Jory, Nekia, Ritner and Woodburn Soils | 200′ – 400′ elevation

Do great views ensure great wines? At Lone Star Vineyard the vines are treated to a sweeping view of the Cascades, from Mt. Rainier in the north to the Three Sisters to the south. While the view is stunning, this low-elevation, warm site is a magnet for the two forces crucial for ripening grapes: light and heat. Lone Star is our warmest, sunniest vineyard site in a region not known for either…and in Oregon, the warmest sites are the best Pinot Noir sites. Lone Star catches the day’s first rays of sun and the rocky soils retain heat at night. 

Since the 1999 vintage, Lone Star has served as the backbone for our biggest, boldest Pinot – the Nuthouse Pinot Noir. Lone Star Pinot is characterized by big, intense black fruit flavors supported by a firm tannic structure, suggesting wines that will age very well. In Spring 2005, we released our first vintage of Lone Star grown Riesling (which, incidentally, is the new world’s first high-density Riesling on devigorated root stocks!)

Lone Star Vineyard Map