Argyle & The Arts

2022 PNCA Artist Bios

Created by Argyle Winery to support the talents of student artists, the Art of Sparkling program is a unique collaboration with the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). Each year, three PNCA student artists are selected to receive the Argyle scholarship. The students then immerse themselves in the Argyle story by visiting the vineyards, winery and Tasting House. This experience serves as inspiration for their artwork. The three pieces of art are then turned into labels for the Art of Sparkling 3-bottle set.

Sadé DuBoise

Sadé DuBoise is an artist and student working towards her BFA in Painting at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Born and raised in North Portland, Sadé was fond of spending her adolescence accompanying her mother who loved tasting wines across the Pacific Northwest.

Sadé works primarily in acrylic, painting portraits and landscapes. She used her interest in self-portraiture to channel the spirit of Argyle, and particularly their ability to ebb and flow with nature to create spectacular sparkling wine year after year. Rather than fighting an early summer heat wave, DuBoise channeled it. The heat wave allowed her to experiment with oil paint— layering color and texture—and dried the painting quickly. This work is personal to the artist, representing growth, patience, and celebration in the journey of pregnancy and becoming a mother-to-be in 2022.

Madz Thomson

Madz Thomson is an illustration major currently studying at PNCA focusing on character designs and concept art. Madz’s work often explores gothic themes of escapism, isolation, death and rebirth while taking inspirations from music, history, revival aesthetics, folklore, and of course nature. With these elements as well as a mix of traditional and digital illustration, they are able to create an experience perfect for the viewer to get lost in.

When it came time to dive into the full Argyle experience, it was no surprise that Madz was immediately caught up in the geological history of the Willamette Valley. One cataclysmic event after another constantly changing the landscape. Madz began to see these gigantic moments not as separate events but as a naturally created cycle of death and rebirth. A cycle that has now led to Argyle leaving its historical mark on the Willamette Valley as another giant to remember.

Moss Mata

Moss Mata is a student at PNCA majoring in animated arts with a minor in stop motion animation. He is inspired by cinema, painting, the occult, and psychology. His work explores surreal dreamscapes, peeling back deeper layers of existence and echoing the source of intuition. Through animation, Moss explores imagery which relies on the subconscious to provide visual drive and inspiration to the viewer.

Moss’ experience with Argyle prompted him to create a piece that evokes fantastic viscerality. The painterly textures represent a dreamlike memory that recalls the symbiotic relationship between two entities, living in harmony within a simulated environment. This label celebrates the alchemic relationship between growers and plants at Argyle.