Tasting House

The Argyle Tasting House

You could say that we’re in the business of reincarnation here at Argyle. The original winery in Dundee, Oregon was once home to a hazelnut processing plant. In 1987, we started calling it home, trading in ‘filberts’ for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling grapes. The very room where all of our wines were crafted for nearly 30 years is now the Argyle Tasting House.

> Argyle Winery, circa 1993

A Living House

The Tasting House honors Argyle’s unique history and central location to become a ‘living house’ that attracts a vibrant, kinetic community via innovative educational and social programming. Open to visitors in the summer of 2015, generous indoor and outdoor spaces invite guests to come back over and over again for an Argyle experience that’s always new.

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The Argyle Library

The Tasting House features an estimable library of reserve wines dating back to Argyle’s very first vintage in 1987. One of the biggest wine libraries in the region, it is a testament to Argyle’s ambition to make wines that will endure.

The Tirage Library

The Tirage Library is a climate-controlled warehouse housing over one quarter of a million bottles of sparkling wine still aging on the yeast (‘En Tirage’) in bottles yet to be disgorged. The room is organized chronologically for guests to enter and walk ‘back in time’ to view wines dating from our founding in 1987 through every vintage since.


The Argyle Tasting House was developed with a focus on sustainable construction and operating practices. Building materials like siding, roofing, lumber and fixtures were repurposed from portions of the former winery and have been reimagined as primary design features of the new space. All of the tables, shelves, bar and wall siding were built from repurposed Douglas Fir rafters that lived high above the original cellar building.

The Reserve Cellar

The full range of our wines is on display for purchase in the Reserve Cellar, emphasizing winery-exclusive & prestige wines, chilled sparkling & white wines and collectible large-format bottles. It is staffed with full-time specialists to consult with guests on wines of interest, help plan for special occasions and to select special gifts.

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The Argyle Garden

The Argyle garden landscape features low-input west coast native plants that will have a lasting legacy in step with the ambition of the winery itself. Broadleaf evergreen trees and shrubs, including wine country’s largest single installation of native live oak trees, form what we are calling the ‘New Willamette Garden’.