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Current Shipment: March

The March club selections include: 

  • 2017 Argyle Brut Rosé (Variety & Sparkling)
  • 2019 Nuthouse Riesling (Variety & All White)
  • 2018 Spirit Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir (Variety & All Red)
  • 2016 Argyle Brut Rosé Magnum (Magnum)

Important Dates: 

  • 2/18: Customization window open. Click here to customize your selections.
  • 2/28: Customization opportunity closes
  • 3/4: Credit cards processed for pick up members
  • 3/5: Pick ups available at the Tasting House
  • 3/8: Credit cards processed for shipping members
  • 3/10: Shipping updates due
  • 3/19: Wines begin shipping to areas outside the Pacific Northwest
  • 3/22: Wines begin shipping via ground service for for Oregon, Washington, and local northern states

To update your credit card, billing and/or shipping information, log in anytime, email us or call 503-538-8520. 

Regular shipments are scheduled for March, May, September and November.

2021 Shipment Calendar

  Shipment Opt. Allocation Mag of Month
January   opt.
February   Ruby Brut Magnum
March All levels   Magnum
April   Rosé opt.
May All levels   opt.
June     opt.
July   opt.
August     n/a
September All levels   Magnum
October     Magnum
November All levels   Magnum
December     Magnum

Other Member Info

Our online Wine Club Shop has special offers on new releases, club exclusive wines, and from time to time the chance to buy rare library releases. As always, you’ll enjoy 15%-20% off all our wines. Log in to shop now and your discounts will be applied at checkout. We always like to hear what you enjoy and your suggestions. Email us anytime, and thanks for your continued membership!

  • Matt Lenker, Club Manager
  • Kelly Slepicka, Sales & Service
  • Lisa Berg, Sales & Service
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PDX Jazz is a non-profit cultural arts organization that strives to inspire, educate and develop future jazz audiences for generations to come. The organization is dedicated to curating jazz in Portland, OR, and fostering the growth of musical offerings in the Pacific Northwest.

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